Lectures on PPP for "M-Logos"


On 6 November 2018, the Partner of You & Partners, Evgenia Zusman, delivered two lectures at M-Logos Law Institute on private initiative and on competitive procedures for concluding agreements under the Law on Concession Agreements and the PPP Law.

Evgenia praised the participants' performance level and noted that the participants were active in asking questions, demonstrating their motivation and interest in the topic, as well as practical experience in structuring PPP projects and concession projects.

“The most interesting thing is to hold a discussion with your fellow tradesmen on an equal footing,” Evgenia said.

The most dynamic training element was the business game, when the participants were offered a description of a private concession initiative. The group was then divided into 2 teams (concession grantor and concessionaire) and prepared negotiating positions on the most burning issues that are usually discussed by the parties during negotiations on private initiative.

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M-Logos Law Institute is one of the key additional professional education centers in the field of legal studies and jurisprudence.

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