Meeting in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on PPP issues


On 4 September 2018, Partner of the company, Evgenia Zusman, took part in a joint meeting of the working groups of the Ministry of Health in the fields of "Regulatory and methodological support for development of PPP mechanisms in health care" and "Formation of public opinion and communication support of PPP in health care."

During the meeting, the discussers focused on the issues, which included amendments to the legislation on PPP and concessions, and also improving the institution of private initiative.

In her speech, Evgenia pointed out the expedience of further improvement of the legislation in terms of requirements for financial documents as part of a private initiative package and (or) a concession agreement (development of requirements for the financial model, bank guarantees and documents to support the ability of the concession initiator to raise 5 % of the declared investment volume). As it pertained to the discussed initiative to include the procedure for evaluating the effectiveness and comparative advantage into the Federal Law "On Concession Agreements", Evgenia opposed it, backing up her position with the experience of applying the Federal Law "On Public-Private Partnership", along with the similar rules excluded from the draft law, enabling to enter into concession agreements and PPP agreements in the sphere of IT. Evgenia made a point that effectiveness and comparative advantage evaluation at this stage of market development would place a barrier to implementation of concession projects not only in the health sector, but also of any concession projects in general.

With regard to improvement of the private initiative mechanism, Evgenia proposed to develop amendments on interdepartmental interaction issues (between the authorized body and the decision maker to conclude an agreement), as well as to provide the regulation for such cases when the concessionaire or concession grantor refuses to sign a concession agreement when the private initiative is considered or upon the decision is taken to conclude the concession agreement.

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