Partner of You & Partners, Evgenia Zusman spoke on the PPP trends for 2019


The Partner at You & Partners, Evgenia Zusman commented for the Russian Business Guide portal on the peculiarities of PPP mechanisms and concessions in Russia, as well as the trends in that area for 2019.

In her comment, Evgenia made a point that for the moment there are two key models of projects in the sphere of public-private partnership in the Russian Federation, being different business legal structures under 224-FZ (PPP / MPP agreements) and under 115- FZ (concession agreements). There are some dissimilarities between those models, with the key distinction being that under 115-FZ, the assets passed to the management of private investors will remain the state / municipal property, while according to 224-FZ, any units created and upgraded can be transferred / created to the ownership of private partners.

Speaking on the trends and forecasts for the development of the PPP market in 2019, Evgenia reminded that in summer 2018, certain amendments were introduced to 224-FZ and 115-FZ, expanding the list of objects of such agreements by including IT objects as independent objects. In this regard, according to Evgenia, in 2019 it is planned to sign pilot agreements in that area, with further expansion of the list of objects expected.

The complete text of the commentary by Evgenia Zusman is available at the official Russian Business Guide portal.

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