You & Partners, together with Hyperion Strategy Group, held an InfraBattle on "What kind of transparency do PPP projects need?"


On 15 January 2021, You & Partners and Hyperion Strategy Group held a joint InfraBattle event on "What kind of transparency do PPP projects need?".

At this event, You & Partners’ managing partner Evgenia Zusman was the speaker for the "limited information" team opposed to the "information openness" team.

The demand for information openness of investment projects with state participation is a growing trend in recent years.

During the 3 rounds of the InfraBattle, approaches to ensuring information openness of PPP projects in relation to the text of the concession agreement, private initiative and performance monitoring were discussed.

The following conclusions were drawn from the InfraBattle:

  • PPP projects need reasonable openness, but not absolute transparency;
  • Transparency should not limit the flexibility of project decisions and project workflows;
  • The documents that are made available to the public should be adapted to each individual audience.

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