You & Partners took part in the IIDF conference on launching an IT project using the model of public-private partnership


On 6 December 2018, You & Partners lawyers took part in the section “First steps: discuss project cases under development” at the IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fund) conference on structuring PPP projects.

The first case considered at the section was the PPP-project in IT called “Doctor in touch” of AstraZeneca, aimed at launching and piloting an IT solution to improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment and to provide better access to medical care. When discussing this case, the Partner of You & Partners, Evgenia Zusman focused attention on the separation of powers between the public and private parties, specifically when answering questions such as who should own the IT equipment and who should provide the maintenance and support to the facility. Evgenia also spoke on the specificity of operating the “state information system” (GIS) compared against conventional information systems.

The second case was the project on "Digital basis for the management of the Novgorod Region area", developed by GC "Geoscan". The goal of that project was to create and pilot an IT solution aimed at increasing the effectiveness of state land supervision and cadastral works for environmental monitoring and also improving the investment climate and tourism attractiveness of the region. An important issue raised by Evgenia Zusman when discussing that case was whether the public partner should have the budget commitments limits for reimbursement of expenses before signing the agreement.

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