PPP in sport area

PPP in sport area

International sporting events that were held in Russia initiated development of PPP in the field of sport. PPP provokes cooperation between private and public parties. In international practice there are two different approaches to the definition of PPP. Broad approach: PPP forms include any interaction between the state and private business. Narrow approach (in Russia): PPP is understood exclusively as concession agreements (115-FZ) and PPP agreements (224-FZ). Thus, under Russian law, PPPs include only public-private and municipal-private partnership agreements.

This form of cooperation between the state and private investors can be used for major international sport events, for organizing regular training for the population, for creating training complexes for professional athletes, for sports tourism, for specialized treatment and recreation for athletes.

This analytics provides information on the implementation of the most successful projects based on cooperation between the state and private investors, implemented in Russia and foreign countries, on the most successful forms of such cooperation.

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