23 August 2021 at 10:00 am

The relevance of this topic is driven by the fact that offset contracts offer an interesting alternative to existing investment mechanisms. Market participants are demonstrating an increasing interest in offset contracts. They have already signed and are currently implementing five offset contracts in Moscow and the Moscow Region with a total value of over 90 billion rubles. SPVs implementing such projects are established by major international and domestic manufacturers - leaders in their industries: BIOCAD, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Gemamed, PSK-Pharma, R-OPRA. Also, an offset contract is currently being prepared for the Republic of Bashkortostan. The webinar will cover key issues related to the conclusion and implementation of offset contracts:
  • implementation of offset contracts;
  • regulation of offset contracts;
  • comparison of offset contracts with other investment mechanisms (PPP agreement, concession agreement, Special Investment Contract, Agreement on the Protection and Promotion of Investments);
  • analysis of offset contracts that are already being implemented;
  • discussion of possible prospects for the application of offset contracts in new areas.

20 July 2021 at 10:00 am

One of the key elements in most concession and PPP agreements is project financing. The involvement of bank financing is possible in most cases via a direct agreement between the public, private and the financing parties. When considering whether to provide financing for a project, banks ask the investor to submit a memorandum on the risks of the project. Such a memorandum must cover the procedure for concluding an agreement with the public side, a procedure for concluding a direct agreement with the financing party and the legal powers of the public party to enter such agreements. Furthermore, the memorandum must cover the risks arising from the provisions of such agreements and regulatory grey areas of the relevant legislation. You & Partners is presenting a webinar that will provide practical advice on how to assess the risks of a PPP project and prepare risk memoranda based on its experience in PPP projects. The webinar will cover the following issues:
  • risk memorandum - structure, addressees, purpose;
  • what risks of the project should be reflected in the risk memorandum for every stage of project implementation;
  • recommendations on preparing risk memorandums.

30 June 2021 at 10:00 am

The largest market players have recently been increasing the pace of development of their digital platforms. Russian corporations are among the world leaders in this area. The largest digital platforms combine the following services:
  • financial services;
  • trading platform services;
  • entertainment services.
Regulation in this sphere becomes a critical issue, because disrupting the balance of interests between digital platform owners and third parties, regulators may launch serious consequences resulting in violation of rights and interests of both entrepreneurs and consumers. In such circumstances, an integrated, ecosystem-like approach to legal regulation becomes important. Necessary changes must be considered from various perspectives covering all elements of a digital platform or marketplace at once. You & Partners presents a webinar that will analyze the legislation of the Russian Federation governing legal relationships in this area with a comparative study of foreign regulation that could serve as a guide for future development. The webinar will cover the following issues:
  • the boundaries of data use by marketplaces and digital platforms;
  • current regulation of digital platforms and marketplaces in the Russian Federation;
  • international approaches to regulation;
  • features worth paying attention to from the perspective of owners of marketplaces, digital platforms, consumers and other interested parties.

19 November 2020 at 10:00 am

During the webinar, experts will address the following key issues:
  • analysis of the PPP market in the field of IT
       - ongoing projects in the field of IT prior to amendments to the PPP legislation in the field of IT;
       - ongoing projects in the field of IT after amendments to the PPP legislation in the field of IT.

  • features of the implementation of PPP projects in the field of IT
       - issues regulated by the agreement;
       - possible objects of the agreement;
       - use of information in PPP projects.

  • legal environment of a PPP project in IT
       - is the agreement sufficient for the implementation of the PPP project;
       - methodology for studying the legal environment of the project;
       - ways of changing the legal environment of a PPP project at the regional and federal levels.

  • legislative changes for the PPP market in IT
       - changes in sectoral legislation in the field of PPP;
       - changes in the IT field affecting the PPP market. 
Event finished

10 November 2020 at 10:00 am

During the webinar, experts will address the following key issues:
  • basic provisions of the Concept;
  • objective obstacles to the implementation of the provisions of the Concept and approaches to overcoming them;
  • industries that will be primarily affected by the adoption of the Concept;
  • assessment of the directions and scope of changes in legal regulation in accordance with the Concept;
  • features of adaptation of the current legislation to the ideas of the Concept. Mechanisms and technologies for modernizing legal regulation;
  • risks associated with the introduction of new legal norms into the current legislation in terms of the development of regulation of relations in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.
Event finished

27 October 2020 at 10:00 am

During the webinar, experts will address the following key issues:
  • prehistory of the adoption of the professional standard "PPP Specialist"  
       - other professional standards governing activities in the field of PPP and investments ("Specialist in working with investment projects").
  • description of the professional standard "PPP Specialist"
       - provided labor functions;
       - a list of embedded OKVED codes.
  • what areas will the adoption of the professional standard affect?
       - labor Relations;  
       - contractual relationship;
       - procurement relations.
  • application of a professional standard in contractual, procurement relations 
  • general guidelines for the application of professional standards in the company.
Event finished

12 February 2019 at 7:00 pm

Attention! Attention!

Inspired by the interest caused by “PPP Harmful Advice” No. 1, You & Partners decided to tell you again about the worst practices of implementing PPP projects in our country as part of the “PPP Harmful Advice 2.0” event.
For those who want to attend the event the second time: we will prepare something new for you. As always, there will be a lot of interesting, funny and useful information.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this time we will help the «Big Change» Foundation, which helps children from orphanages get a good education and feel interest in learning: https://sluchaem.ru/event/2303.

Place and time will be reported to registered participants.
The event is open to business representatives, in-house lawyers, representatives from government bodies.

Will be announced
Event finished

26 July 2018 at 7:30 pm

Дорогие дамы,

Приглашаем вас присоединиться к нашей теплой весенней встрече юных леди.

Тема встречи: «Как сделать карьеру женщине-юристу?»

Мы поговорим о:

  • как оставаться востребованным профессионалом и женщиной в деловой среде;
  • как эффективно работать с подчиненными и начальством;
  • как взять под контроль сложную ситуацию и выйти из нее с честью.

Мы не собираемся ставить какие-либо официальные доклады или презентации в график. Во время встречи у вас будет возможность познакомиться с коллегами-юристами и задать интересующие вопросы профессиональным тренерам и HR-специалистам, специализирующимся на женском лидерстве.


The venue will b provided to the registered participants via e-mail
Event finished

21 December 2018 at 5:30 pm

Как часто мы можем слышать советы по проектам ГЧП? Что действительно нужно для того, чтобы проект шел гладко и гладко?

На нашем мероприятии вы не услышите ни одного совета по продвижению проекта. Мы в шутливой форме расскажем о худших практиках реализации проектов ГЧП в нашей стране.

Если ты разбил окно, дружище,

Не спешите с исповедью.

Подожди немного, на всякий случай

Внезапного акта войны.

Артиллерия выстрелит,

Разбивая окна везде,

Тогда никто тебя не обвинит

За стекло, которое ты разбил.

«Вредный совет» Григория Остера

Приходить! Будет весело!

В любом случае, ГЧП доставляет массу удовольствия!

Will be announced
Event finished