Digital ethics

Digital ethics

15 December 2021
10:00 am
free of charge

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The increasing pace of digitalization has affected most aspects of our daily lives. Due to the fact that information and, in particular, our personal data is processed by a large number of operators, problems related to the regulation of legal relations in this area are arising more and more frequently.

This is mainly due to widespread violations of the illegal use of personal and other types of information.

At the same time, digitalization also contributes to the growth of automation. Programs and technical means with a significant share of autonomy moderate social networks, manage vehicles, and recommend consumer products.

As autonomy increases, so do the risks of its abuse.

Digital ethics is aimed at finding the best models for applying the latest advances in digital technology while balancingout the interests of all users.

The webinar organized by You & Partners in collaboration with the Data Management Department of the analyticalcenter under the Government of the Russian Federation, will attempt to answer some of the dilemmas associated with the ethical challenges posed to society by digitalization.

The key questions on this topic include:

  • what is digital ethics?

  • In what areas of information technology can ethical principles be applied?

  • how can digital ethics affect regulation?

  • international practice in implementing ethical principles in digital technology.