Presentation of the study "PPP in IT: a user manual"

Presentation of the study "PPP in IT: a user manual"

16 November 2021
10:00 am
Free of charge

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We happily announce our analytical study "PPP in IT: a user manual", which is the second (final) part of the comprehensive study "Assessment of the prospects for the implementation of PPP and concession projects in the field of IT and communications".

This Study summarizes the results of the launch of the first regional projects, information on the initiatives that are currently being implemented, and contains materials designed to provide methodological support for the launch of PPP projects in IT. The first part that was published in 2019, was dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the adopted legislation on PPP in IT (173-FZ) and the emerging opportunities for structuring concession and PPP projects in this area at both the regional and federal levels.

The study is practice-oriented. We have generalized step-by-step algorithms for launching PPP and concession projects in IT, identified key pain points (including the issue of ensuring bankability of such projects) and expanded and deepened the comments on the key sections of the IT concession and PPP agreements (data processing, provision of services using the object of the agreement, GIS creation and development). This study contains a large number of links to methodological materials (developed by the team of authors of this study), using which you will find it easier to structure projects. Use our questionnaires, the roadmap for the development of regulations, innovations in the part of the technical expert and technical monitor.

During the webinar the authors shall discuss the practical tools for the implementation of PPP projects in IT and give general recommendations on the application of the study during project work.