PPP Harmful Advice (pre-booking)

PPP Harmful Advice (pre-booking)

21 December 2018
5:30 pm
Will be announced

Event was end

How often can we hear advice on PPP projects? What is really needed for the project to go seamlessly and smoothly?

At our event, you will hear not a single piece of advice on how to promote a project. We will tell you in a kidding manner about the practices of implementing PPP projects in our country that are worst ever.

If you broke a window, buddy,

Do not rush into confession.

Wait a little, just in case

Of a sudden act of war.

The artillery will fire,

Smashing windows everywhere,

Nobody will blame you then

For the glass you broke.

‘Harmful Advice’ by Grigoriy Oster

Come! Will be a fun time!

Anyway, there is lots of fun about PPP!